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Forwarding Tweets from Twitter to Email

Background: I’m hardly a twitter power user, but for over a year, I’ve mostly been the person behind @pagerduty. We’re growing and I had to hand it off to the support team — but they’re real professionals who take things seriously so they wanted each tweet to trigger a ticket in our support system.

Options for sending tweets to email:


There are a few 3rd party applications, they seemed icky to me, but Twitter does it themselves.

Unfortunately, it only sends some emails:

If you enable notifications for Retweets, @replies or mentions, favorites, or follows, you may not receive a notification for every Retweet, @reply or mention, favorite or follow. In an effort to send you email only when it’s most relevant, we may not, for example, notify you of mentions by accounts that are new or have not yet confirmed the email address associated with their account. We are constantly experimenting with email notifications to strike the right balance in keeping you up to date.


Twitter has been shutting down 3rd party integrations, but there’s still the RSS Feed so we can use that with:

If This then That is a cool service, and seems to be 100% free. Every 15 minutes it checks for the search term and emails me. I have a GMail filter set up to forward the emails into the support system.


Zapier has paid tiers, but the free product is basically the same as IFTTT. This integration is a little different, I gave it credentials to my GMail account so it sends the email on my behalf.

The Zapier integration doesn’t use the RSS feed, so it’s a little better (I can print out the user info in the email).


I’m going to let all three run for a few days and then pick a winner.

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