numbers for people.

Why is no-one disrupting Bart?

As of this morning, it sounds like BART is back and those of us that live in SF can fold up our couches again.

But even when it is working, it raises the question: why isn’t anyone building “Uber for buses”? Or alternately Megabus for daily commuting.

I realize that it’s a licensing nightmare, but if RideJoy can get me to San Diego and SideCar can run a livery service on donations there must be some way to build a busing club with a mobile app.

Just like Uber, the idea would probably involve siphoning off the most affluent passengers — Smartphone toting people in the Bay Area with high salaries but who have been forced out of SF proper by rising housing costs. And like the much maligned private shuttles offered by tech giants south of the city, the bus routes would focus on the employment centers and the gentrifying neighbourhoods. Schedule seats with an app, and run 24 hours on weekends (possibly from the Mission rather than SOMA) and you have all of the revenue, none of the poop.

If someone had launched this service last week they’d be having their hockey stick moment already. But it’s a halfway decent plan even without BART striking.

My first choice would be a better public transit system with dense development at the nodes, more than one axis across town, 24 hour service and no urine smell but until that day — anyone want to start a bus company?

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