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How much bad software development practices cost

I’m always jealous of other people’s datasets. Although Rally’s The Impact of Agile Quantified whitepaper is obviously targeted at getting people to adopt their product, it has some useful back of the envelope values taken from almost 10,000 projects:

  • A dedicated team (>95% focus) is roughly twice as productive on individual tasks as one that’s sparsely focused (>50% focused on one project) (page 5)
  • The median team has 25% of its members switch teams every 3 months (page 6)
  • Team stability can increase productivity by 50%: moving from 60% of the team staying each quarter to 90% staying increases average story count from 50 to 75 (page 7)
  • Small teams (1-3) move slightly faster (+17%) but ship more defects (17% again) making it a wash. (page 12)

Worth taking a look at. Credit: Chris Gagné

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