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Stop LinkedIn from showing candidates’ pictures

ghost_person_200x200_v1I spend a lot of time screening candidates for PagerDuty, and even if it doesn’t mesh with my gut the science says I might be subconsciously favouring mustaches, or be biased towards or against attractive people. So it’s counter-productive to my goals that LinkedIn keeps showing me photos of applicants — enough so that I decided to fix it.

Ideally I’d also swap names for initials since I don’t care about your gender or ethnicity, just what you can do. That’s a little harder since every tool and cultural convention along the way identifies people that way — and sooner or later I’m going to meet the stronger candidates anyway.

Blocking user images from LinkedIn:

User Styles with Stylish (the easy way)

I made a script available on that you can install with on click if you have Stylish

Custom.css in Chrome (the way I did it)

The fact that Stylish wants to “Access your data on all websites, Access your tabs and browsing activity” means that I only turn it on during development.

Chrome lets you specify a Custom.css (most browsers have some equivalent), so I added the following to mine1:

/* LinkedIn Main profile picture, specific enough to not trigger on other sites: .profile-card .profile-picture img */
.profile-card .profile-picture img {
content: url(;

And there you go, hopefully it’s worth a minute or two to judge resumes on their content.

  1. Actually, the first thing I tried was to make a user script, GreaseMonkey a simple:

    // ==UserScript==
    // @match http://**
    // ==/UserScript==
    $(".profile-picture a img").attr("src","about:blank")

    But it turned out that the picture was often displayed before jQuery was loaded (which is solvable with old timey raw DOM code) but GreaseMonkey tended to run after the image was displayed, so that’s a non-starter.

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