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Quick code sample: Integrating JIRA and PagerDuty

Here is a program I threw together to create PagerDuty incidents that track urgent JIRA issue. The PD incidents are updated and closed automatically if the JIRA issue changes.

Step 1, configure PagerDuty
Create a generic API service in PagerDuty, and note the service key

Step 2, Deploy to Heroku (optional)
You can test with my Heroku instance ( or deploy it yourself by clicking here:
Deploy to Heroku

Configure your JIRA webhooks with the URL: where “abc123″ is the service key for your PagerDuty service

Step 3, configure JIRA

JIRA webhooks configuration

Step 3b, Choose what issues trigger PD Incidents
JIRA can send webhooks on all incidents that match a piece of JQL, for instance

project = HD AND priority in (“Needs Immediate Attention”, “P1 – Major / Must have”)

Will trigger on any ticket that gets created or moved to our HelpDesk team (HD) that has its priority set to urgent or P1.

Step 3c, Configuration

  • Make sure that the webhook is configured to fire when an issue is “created, updated or deleted”
  • Do not check “Request with empty body will be sent to the URL. Leave unchecked if you want to receive JSON.”
  • You can test your JQL as a search to see what issues would have

Questions can be sent to, as always thanks go out to Runscope for helping me debug my webhook traffic.

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