XKCD is the new Donald Duck

As a child, it bothered me the way that the Star Trek world interacted with technology; the idea that a human being would need to say “evasive maneuvers” made for an awful UI and a wild misunderstanding of how fast computers can shoot lasers at each other. Hidden from my bulky cathode ray emitting box, the real future was being predicted by Donald Duck, and Randall Munroe is the Donald Duck of programmers.

Let’s start with what doesn’t count

  • Geohashing uses a number that will only be available in the future (e.g. the closing price of a stock in a month) to generate a hash that maps to a place that won’t be known until the future. If he had left it as a comic, someone would’ve built it, but alas, Randall made a reference implementation
  • If you changed your password because he ran some numbers for you, I’m not counting it either.

Even without those, here’s a list of things that a colour-less webcomic has sarcasmed into existence:

I was sadly unable to secure funding for cat-proximity testing.

Written on July 18, 2013