Chmod u-X

17 Mar 2019

Alright, I’m ripping the bandage off and moving to 100% static hosting. The rest of the content will slowly migrate here.

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My Last Listen at PagerDuty

04 Oct 2018

At PagerDuty, we have a tradition of going out on a “Last Lecture”. I think PagerDuty has given me more than enough chances to speak over the past 7 years so instead I took it as a chance to share some of the best advice I’ve gotten from my coworkers. The best pieces came from multiple directions so I’ve left them all unsourced.

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XKCD is the new Donald Duck

18 Jul 2013

As a child, it bothered me the way that the Star Trek world interacted with technology; the idea that a human being would need to say “evasive maneuvers” made for an awful UI and a wild misunderstanding of how fast computers can shoot lasers at each other. Hidden from my bulky cathode ray emitting box, the real future was being predicted by Donald Duck, and Randall Munroe is the Donald Duck of programmers.

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Short ZXQ words for Bananagrams

18 Feb 2013

I’ve been challenged to a number of increasingly close games of Bananagrams, and I keep being flummoxed by Z’s X’s and Q’s. So I decided to generate a list of words 2 to 6 letters long that use the tricky characters.

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